3 Steps To Social Media Maintenance For Building Your Brand Online

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I found an infographic by Social Caffeine  that gives a great look at the 3 important things you should to be doing and have set up if you’re trying to build up your online presence and drive more traffic to your blog:

  1. Setup: Have complete profiles set up (I talk about what exactly is needed and right way to do that here on my post: Customize Your Social Media Profiles – Make a Good First Impression; connect and engage and build relationships.
  2. Strategize: Get good content out there and make sure your strategy includes sharing via your social media accounts.
  3. Schedule: Utilize tools to help you get our content out there and leverage your time. Share more valuable content than promotional content.


Social media maintenance


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Look, a lot of income producing activities require manual effort.  It can be very time consuming.  That’s why I try to leverage as many systems as I can, to try to automate as much as I can.  There are so many income-producing activities that you can automate.  Things like email marketing, follow up, traffic strategies, up-selling, etc.

If you don’t have a system automating some of those processes for you, chances are you’re spending too much time on things.  You shouldn’t be doing everything yourself.

Take a look at this system I’m using to automate those processes.  If you’re spending too much time on your business, and not producing the results, click that link, enter your email and see how it can help save you time on your income producing activities!

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Katie Miles


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