Rank Your Blog In Google SUPER FAST! 5 Crucial SEO Tips You Don’t Want To Leave Out

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Today I want to share some specific techniques for getting your blog posts to rank in Google very quickly.

This post is broken into 5 Core Methods that you can use to promote your blog posts:

Some SEO stuff takes longer than others, but with the right training like you’re getting here, and with some practice, you can see your content getting ranked on Google and start driving more traffic to your website very quickly!  This stuff works!

Get your blog to rank in Google Super fast


First of all, don’t try to rank for a super popular phrase.  Using a highly competitive phrase to try to rank on Google probably won’t happen, due to all of the competition trying to rank for the same phrase.  It’s better to focus on a very specific and unique long-tail keyword phrase.

So often I watch people try to get ranked in the top 10 for a super popular phrase.

If you know there aren’t that many websites listed for a particular long-tail keyword phrase, go with it.  It’ll be easier to get it ranked.

After you’ve got your keyword phrase to target, it’s time for Step 2.


This might see like the obvious, but don’t miss this step.

If you want to show up in Google for your chosen keyword phrase, you have to first strategically place your keyword phrase throughout your blog post.

Here are the main areas you need to be placing your keyword phrase:

1. Keyword Phrase in the POST TITLE

2. Keyword Phrase in the URL

3. Keyword Phrase in an H2 TAG

4. Keyword Phrase in the BODY OF THE ARTICLE

5. Keyword Phrase in the ALT TAGS

Of course, there are many other places for your keyword phrase, but these are first and foremost the most important places it needs to show up.  Anything after is extra “juice” for the SEO post.

If you’re a beginning blogger and not that familiar with SEO, here’s a quick rundown on some things you should know:

  • The TITLE is what you call your blog post. Your chosen keyword phrase should be somewhere close to the beginning of the title of your blog post.
  • The URL (also know as a “slug”) is equally important. Most blogging platforms let you choose what you want this to be. But once your post is public, it’s best practice to NOT change the url so that you don’t confuse Google or visitors.
  • An H2 TAG is simply a header tag. When you are writing a blog post, there is a rich text editor that allows you to change the font size, font color, etc. There should be an option to highlight text and change it to Header text. This is a great way to organize your blog post content as well, and a great place for your chosen keyword phrase.
  • The BODY of the article is obvious. Simply make sure that you are writing specifically about that chosen keyword phrase, and make sure to mention it word for word a few times throughout your article.
  • And finally, the ALT TAGS are hidden behind your pictures. So when you upload a relevant picture inside of your blog post, you can click on that picture and use the rich text editor to add some “alt text” so that people who can’t see the picture can see that alternative text instead. That is a great place for your keyword phrase.

There is more you can do, but this is a perfect place to start and they really are the main ingredients.

RECAP:  So, by now you have your chosen keyword phrase and it’s featured in the most important 5 places in your post.


As soon as you publish your blog post, you want to be sure you’re syndicating it to your social media profiles so it can go viral and start being seen!

This is a great way of letting Google know that you’ve published a post and they should list your site.  Social media sites tend to get “crawled” by the spider-bots quickly, so this is an important step for ranking quickly.

I like the Buffer tool to help quickly and easily syndicate my blog.

The most important thing here is to make sure you’re actively syndicating your blog posts after publishing them.  It’s not the blog post that will make you money, it’s how you Promote Promote Promote!

Rank Your Blog In Google Super Fast 1


If you really want to step it up and get your posts ranking fast, it would be a good idea to use separate social media syndication tools to quickly help draw a lot of exposure to your posts.

Not only will you be getting more traffic, but Google can then use the extra outlets to quickly find your posts to index them in the search engine.  You don’t have to put your entire post on other social media sites, but just an excerpt with a link will suffice.

Paid Blog Promotion Services –

There are several sites that allow you to pay for a promotion of your blog post to their audience.

For example, OnlyWire.com helps you set it and forget it by syndicating your content to up to 5o social networks automatically..for a simple low monthly fee.  Time is money!

There are so many options out there!  You should try a few and get your stuff syndicated like crazy to help promote your posts, and get your content ranking in Google.


Here is one of my more used and favorite techniques to get blogs ranked in Google.

I use the Kalatu Premium blogging platform.

You can see a post I did on it here:


My Kalatu blog gets hundreds of organic visits per day, all pretty much on autopilot.  You can write a blog post once, and they continue to rank and get traffic over time.

This step is #5 on this list to get your blog posts ranked quickly because when you have a blog (like this one), you automatically get an advantage over other blogs.

From the ability to blog ON-THE-GO to blogging that takes literally only 2 minutes, you haven’t seen anything yet until you’ve seen this!

That’s why when I decided to get in the blogging game, I chose the Kalatu blogging platform to do this.

Click here to learn more about the Kalatu Blogging Platform.
Click here to order your professional and customizable Kalatu Blog today.

Follow these simple 5 Steps to get ranking in Google in less time!

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To your success,

Katie Miles

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