• Rocket Fuel for Smart Passive Income using Instagram

    Rocket-Fuel For Smart Passive Income – Using Instagram

    What if I told you it was totally possible to be making a significant income online (on the side in your spare time!) just through Instagram? I can show you how you can get more qualified people interested in what you have to offer, build up your following and engagement quickly and easily, and ultimately make some money (good money) online – with a simple Instagram account!

  • Email Marketing How To Avoid The Spam Folder

    Email Marketing: 6 Simple Steps To Keeping Your Messages OUT of the Spam Folder

    If you’re sending emails to your subscriber list (and you should be! – regularly!) then make sure you’re asking yourself these 6 simple questions before hitting send to ensure delivery and avoid the spam folder!

  • 10 Blog Post ideas for When You're Stuck and out of Ideas

    10 Blog Post Ideas For When You’re Stuck and Out of Ideas!

    Ever get stuck and just have no idea what you’re going to write your next blog post about? Try these no-fail blog post ideas for that will have the creative juices flowing quickly.

  • How To Leverage Social Media For Your Blog

    How To Leverage Social Media For Your Blog

    Are you losing out on traffic to your blog by not working a social media strategy properly?
    You probably do have a social media presence, but you need to make sure you’re making the most of on your efforts if you want to increase your traffic and sales. Here’s some things you need to be doing so your social media efforts pay you over and over in the long run.

  • Blog Design and Social Media Image Secrets

    My Secrets to Creating Stunning Images For My Blog and Every Social Media Platform In a Flash!

    So many social media sites, so little time to spend creating optimized images for each and every one. I’m going to show you how you can easily create stunning visual content that is optimized for each social media platform (and your blog!) and NOT get overwhelmed by the creation process!

  • Email marketing secrets

    Email Marketing: Secrets to Creating The Perfect Email – Make it Count!

    Email marketing is a very powerful way to continue speaking to the people that raise their hands and tell you “hey, I’m interested in more information.” It’s one of the most important strategies you should be implementing in your daily routine. Here are the secrets to creating that perfect email that counts.

  • How to Use Scoop.it To Gain Exposure and Get Free Leads

    How to Use Scoop.it To Gain Exposure and Get Free Leads

    Part content curation tool, part social network, Scoop.it allows you to create boards of curated content based on topics you choose, share your thoughts on that content, and connect with others who have similar interests. What does this actually mean? Generate free SEO, traffic, and leads for your blog or website.

  • How to ditch the overwhelm and stay productive

    How To Ditch The Overwhelm and Stay Productive

    It’s so easy to get overwhelmed and burned out. It’s so easy to try to take on way too much and overcomplicate things! Learn some key important elements you can easily follow to stay motivated and on track, so you can remain productive and inspired!

  • How To Find the Best Hashtags To Use On Instagram

    How To Find and Use The Best Hashtags For Instagram

    Do you want to learn how to attract your perfect Instagram audience for your content? I’m going to show you my exact hashtag strategy to use on Instagram to attract the right people to your blog content and get more comments, likes, and followers.

  • Non-Followers & Fake Users

    How To Clean Up Your Twitter and Instagram Accounts : Easily Remove Non-Followers

    Are you using Instagram and Twitter to build a following for your online business or blog?
    Ever notice how you hardly ever see updates from people you actually want to, but yet you’re following a ton of people? I’m going to show you how you can easily clean up your Twitter and Instagram Accounts from non-followers and fake users.

  • 3 Steps To Social Media Maintenance for Building Your Brand Online (1)

    3 Steps To Social Media Maintenance For Building Your Brand Online

    The 3 important things you should to be doing and have set up if you’re trying to build up your online presence and drive more traffic to your blog.

  • Rank Your Blog In Google Super Fast 5 Crucial SEO Tips You Don't Want To Leave Out

    Rank Your Blog In Google SUPER FAST! 5 Crucial SEO Tips You Don’t Want To Leave Out

    Here are some specific techniques for getting your blog posts to rank in Google within 10 minutes or less, and many times you can appear on the first page! This post is broken into 5 Core Methods that you can use to promote your posts.

  • Develop a Winning Attitude and Reach Your Goals Faster!

    Develop a Winning Attitude and Reach Your Goals Faster

    What is the difference between a person who is successful and a great achiever in life, and one who is always struggling?

  • Customize Your Social Media Profiles Make a Good First Impression

    Customize Your Social Media Profiles: Make a Good First Impression

    Can you tell a beautiful, professional social media profile when you see it? When we view a social media profile, we either subtly, subconsciously like it right away, or else something feels slightly off about it.. These reactions and feelings are made very quickly; and we’ve all heard that “you never really get a second chance to make a first impression”. This is why it’s so important to ensure that your brand’s social media profiles are set up to get good first impressions.

  • Motivation to Get Through Your Challenges

    [VIDEO] Motivation To Get Through Your Challenges

    Have the foresight and persistence to see past the bumps in the road because you don’t know at what moment you may just reach that breakthrough you’ve been struggling for.

  • Blog or Bust Why Your Business Absolutely Needs a Blog

    Blog or Bust: Why Your Business Absolutely Needs a Blog

    Blogging is undoubtedly one of the most powerful tools to have in your business. If you want to increase sales volume and a good following online, you need to have a blog.

  • Save Time on Social Media By Scheduling Your Content

    Save Time on Social Media by Scheduling Your Content

    So many social media channels. So little time. But you still need to take time to listen to and engage with your audience. This solid social media plan will help you stay involved so you can avoid overwhelm and stay on top of updates, all while remaining engaged with your audience.

  • Your Simple Non-Techie Guide to SEO for your blog

    Your Simple Non-Techie Guide to SEO For Your Blog

    Learn the 10 things that over time will make the greatest difference for your blog’s search engine optimization and will strip away the over-complicated ‘techie-stuff’ so you can understand and apply the principles without having to worry about search engine bots or creepy crawly spiders.

  • Your unfair advantage

    Your Unfair Advantage: What You Need To Go From Zero To Profit Quickly

    Have you ever noticed how some people seem to sky-rocket to success quicker than others? Check out this must-have tool that’s become a real solution to the everyday frustrations people like you and I face when trying to build a profitable blog or business online. Free up more time and ditch the technical frustrations.

  • How To Pinterest Social Media Marketing

    [How To] Pinterest Social Media Marketing: 4 Most Informative Videos

    Check out these 4 videos that walk you through how you can leverage Pinterest to help you drive more leads and ultimately more sales to your blog or business website. Simple, easy-to-implement strategies to take your blog or business to the next level!

  • 10 Must Follow Guidelines to Successful Blogging!

    10 Guidelines You Need To Follow For Successful Blogging

    Do you want to not be JUST a blogger, but be a SUCCESSFUL one? Follow these simple guidelines to get the absolute best results from your blog.

  • 71 Proven Templates For Blog Post Title Ideas

    71 Proven Templates for Blog Post Title Ideas

    Next time you have a brain block and need some inspiration, try one of these out!

  • 101 Resources to Finding a Profitable Niche

    Top 101 Resources to Finding a Profitable Niche

    Looking for the right niche that will be profitable for you? I understand the challenge it can be when you’re looking for just the right one. Use these resources to find your best profit niche in no time.

  • Social Media Strategy When & What Should You Be Posting and How Often-

    Social Media Strategy: When and What Should You Be Posting and How Often?

    We’ve all had the questions surrounding timing and frequency of social media when working to build a profitable blog or business online. What’s the ideal amount to post per day? How often should you post? When should you post? What should you post? I’m going to share with you what I’ve learned on the best practices for the absolute ideal timing and frequency. In addition, I’ll give you some ideas on what type of content to share on social media.

  • How To Easily Define Your Target Market

    How To Easily Define Your Target Market For Higher Conversations and a Larger Following

    How much better would your ability to reach your key audience be if you knew you were talking to just the right people?
    How much more leverage would you get out of your efforts on a lot less time, leading to higher sales conversions and a larger following? Do this simple exercise to make sure you’re talking directly to your target niche!

  • How to get even more done no matter how busy you are

    How To Get Even More Done – No Matter How Busy You Are

    Distractions hurt business. As entrepreneurs, especially if you are starting out and running a one-(wo)man show, finding enough time to do everything can be challenging (or downright impossible!) But…. that doesn’t mean you stop and give up. You find ways around it. Here is a cool way to work around them.

  • Stop Struggling with Instagram

    How To Finally Stop Struggling With Instagram and Double Your Following

    See how how you can quickly stop struggling with Instagram and double your following! These easy actionable steps will help put you ahead of the competition and easily build your engagement and following.

  • How To Accelerate Your Success and Build a Profitable Blog in 21 Days or Less

    How To Accelerate Your Success and Build a Profitable Blog in 21 Days or Less

    Learn why you have been struggling to make money blogging, and a simple remedy you can use to fix that… FAST. How to be a part of the 82% of people who
    acquire customers by blogging daily for fast profits in

  • 10 Personal Development Quotes

    10 Personal Development Quotes to Motivate You

    We could all use a little motivation in our lives! Here are 10 powerful personal development quotes to help inspire you into taking more action to get the results that you deserve!

  • Where to find fun content and title ideas

    Where to Find Fun Content Titles and Ideas For Your Blog or Website

    Need some fun, or even crazy content titles and ideas for your blog or website? Try this free tool that’ll have you spinning up ideas in seconds.

  • Speed blogging

    Rapid-Fire Speed Blogging: How to Be More Effective with the Time You Spend Online

    Blogging can be an absolute powerhouse way to build your online business; but if you’re not careful, it can be easy to get caught up in messing around with the little unimportant stuff that ends up taking too much time and energy and decreases your productivity and efforts. Here, I’ve mapped out a very simple solution to this problem!

  • 6 Intentional Action Steps

    6 Intentional Action Steps To Getting What You Want Most

    What is your greatest challenge when it comes to meeting your goals? Is it time, lack of focus, or simply not knowing the specific action steps to take to get where you want to be? It doesn’t take a guru, just a normal person willing to take action!