Customize Your Social Media Profiles: Make a Good First Impression

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Can you tell a beautiful, professional social media profile when you see it?

When we view a social media profile, we either subtly, subconsciously like it right away, or else something feels slightly off about it..   These reactions and feelings are made very quickly; and we’ve all heard that “you never really get a second chance to make a first impression”.

This is why it’s so important to ensure that your brand’s social media profiles are set up to get good first impressions.

I’m going to share with you some simple things to make sure you include.  May seem like a no-brainer and some of these way too easy…. But you’d be surprised how many profiles I come across that have this information missing!   That, to me, says a lot about a level of professionalism and how serious someone is about what they’re doing.

That’s why it’s so important to get your profile filled out completely, before publicizing or promoting or going ahead with any more steps of your social strategy. Don’t forget these super important areas to include- show that you are a real person someone would want to connect with.

Here’s a quick checklist about all the parts you’ll want to consider:

  • Username
  • About/description
  • Location
  • URL
  • Profile picture
  • Cover photo

And one last thing that really makes a world of difference:

  • Seed your account with 5 to 10 posts
    (this helps people get a taste for what type of content you’ll be posting and shows them that you’re established and invested on the channel already)

Profiles typically involve two different types of input: visuals and text.

For visuals, the aim is consistency and familiarity.  This means that our profile photo and/or bio on Twitter matches what is on our Facebook. Our cover photo on Google+ is similar to our cover on LinkedIn. Etc.

The tool IFTT is a great way to create a ‘rule’ one time that can automatically update a social profile for you, once you update it on one.  Check out how it all works here.  It’s pretty convenient, will save a ton of time, and will keep everything nice and consistent.

Keeping consistency dramatically helps establish your brand and creates something that people can remember, while making it easier for your followers to find you.  If you have something very different across your social media channels, it is much harder to establish  your brand that people will recognize.  For example, if they remember your face from Twitter and what you’re all about, and they see you on Google+, they may remember how much they enjoyed your content and will be able to connect with you much easier.

For text, the main area to customize is the bio/info section. Creating a professional social media bio can be broken down into six simple rules.

  • Show, don’t tell: “What have I done” often works better than “Who I am”
  • Make sure your keywords are tailored to your audience.
  • Avoid “buzzwords” – keep the language fresh.
  • Answer the question of your potential followers: “What’s in it for me?” – Always remember to provide value to your audience.
  • Be personal and personable – be real!!
  • Revisit often: like, comment, share, and engage in your community.  Give back and be recognizable.

When your social media profiles are filled out and full, then you’ve got an awesome foundation in place to begin building your online brand.

Remember to keep things as consistent as possible across all your profiles.  That’s the perfect start to setting a good first impression when trying to build your brand or business online.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post, hope you found it helpful!  Please leave a comment below and share the post.

Katie Miles

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