How To Easily Define Your Target Market For Higher Conversations and a Larger Following

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Easily Define Your Target Market

Is your blog attracting people who actually want to hear what you have to say?  

How much better would your ability to reach your key audience be if you knew you were talking to just the right people?  

How much more leverage would you get out of your efforts on a lot less time, leading to higher sales conversions and a larger following?

I listened to a training recently in the Inner Circle on how to really get to the nitty-gritty of knowing your target market in order to attract the most highly targeted following.  Excellent information that not only taught the importance of speaking to your target market, but also how to perform simple action steps to identify who your key target market is – down to all the right specifics.

How To Identify Your Target Market

I learned this piece of advice a long time ago that has really helped me to stay focused on speaking directly to my target niche, instead of being all over the place.  If we try to speak to everyone, we end of speaking to no one.  This is so true.

You have to get specific and intentional when you’re blogging or sharing content.  By knowing exactly who you are trying to help or speak to, you’ll end up attracting a whole lot more people who can resonate and actually want to hear what you have to say.

So, how do you know if what you’re putting out there is targeting the correct people?  

Here is a simple exercise you can go through to specifically identify who your target market is so you can start writing for just the right people for your blog, leading to higher quality leads and more sales for your business!

Take some time to really think through these questions and get as specific as possible, it will be worth it!

  •  What problem does my product or service solve?  (what are the different things it offers?)
    Forces you to think about what concerns you’re trying to solve for people…  Get really specific and list at least 10.  Dig deep, and you’ll probably come up with a lot more ideas that you initially think.
  • What  different problems do the above things solve?
  • Who has these problems?
  • Where are the people who want this information hanging out?

    What social sites are they on?
    What are they talking about, Tweeting, etc?  
    What groups are they hanging out in?
  • What types of things are they googling to learn about?

Hope you found this helpful, please leave a comment or share below.

P.S. There’s a whole lot more great information in our Team Inner Circle where you can learn how to build an online presence and be successful doing what you’re already passionate about.  Get access to great tips and strategies that will work for your business.  No fuss, just real stuff that works.

To your success,

Katie Miles

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