Email Marketing: 6 Simple Steps To Keeping Your Messages OUT of the Spam Folder

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Are you sending emails regularly to your list but then checking your open rates and questioning if anyone is even GETTING your emails?

If you’re sending emails to your subscriber list (and you should be! – regularly!) then make sure you’re asking yourself these 6 simple questions before hitting send to ensure delivery and avoid the spam folder!

  1. How Often Do You Email Your List?

Make sure you’re sending your subscriber list AT LEAST a few emails a week.  You really should be sending more like 1 a day, to stay in touch, and keep your name/brand in front of them.  If you become MIA for any length of time, your subscribers may forget they gave you permission in the first place to email them and may mark your newsletters as spam.

  1. Are You Respecting Permission?

Only send emails to those that opted into receiving emails from you.  If you don’t do this and are adding emails without consent, your rate of marked spam will skyrocket and this will greatly impact the deliverability of the rest of your messages going out in the future.  Just don’t do it.

  1. Are You Previewing Your Messages Before Sending?

If your email service offers an Inbox Preview function, be sure to test it out and see that your emails are displaying correctly.  If there are HTML problems, this wonky code could affect where your emails go – to the inbox or spam folder.

  1. Are You Paying Attention to the Spam Check Score?

Your email service should give you a little indiction of your spam score after an email is written.  If ‘spammy’ words are detected, it will give you an icon warning that your chances of going into the spam folder are higher.  Review your content and remove/change wording to decrease your spam score.  Words to avoid would be ones like “free”, “business”, “buy”, etc..

  1. Are You Offering What You Promise?

Pretty self explanatory.  Don’t make promises of something in the subject line to get an open, and then deliver something completely different.  Deliver what you promise.  This will also help your subscribers to learn to trust you and what you have to say, which will help your open rate in the future, and less chance of being marked as spam.

  1. Have You Asked Your Subscribers To Whitelist Your Email?

This is an important step that simply asks your subscribers to add your FROM: address to their address book so your emails will be delivered to their inbox and not the spam folder.  You can include this request on the first email you send them, or send a separate email – short and sweet- with the instructions on how to do so.  Makes a world of difference!

There you have it!  6 simple action steps you can take to ensure your messages are getting where they need to go.. avoid the spam folder and increase your open rates.

Once you become aware of these simple things (that really do make all the difference!) it’ll be like habit and you’ll never hit send again without considering your chances of deliverability.

Not sure which email service to use?  There are several good ones out there, and I’ve tried a few, but this is the one I ultimately use.  I’ve found it to be the most user-friendly and advanced (in terms of it keeps up with all the latest bells and whistles and deliverability options).  Super simple to use, beautiful built-for-you templates, and tons of features.  It’s saved me a lot of time.

Your thoughts?  Do you have any other suggestions on keeping your messages out of the spam folder? 

I’d love to hear what you think!  Leave me a comment below.

Katie Miles

Email Marketing How to Keep Your Messages out of the Spam Folder

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  • Lionel Santiago

    thank you for sharing this I
    will start Following this post as a Guide
    for my email Marketing

    • Katie Miles

      Thanks Lionel! Implementing these things really made the difference in my email marketing efforts.

  • Brian Couch

    I really should show my subscribers how to whitelist my email address as my first followup series

    • jodi

      What does whitelist mean??

    • Katie Miles

      I think it’s very important to do so

  • Vitaliy Dubinin

    Awesome advice Katie I appreciate it, it’s important to get the messages delivered!

    • Katie Miles

      Thanks Vitaliy, absolutely! it’s a standard thing I include in the first email of all my auto-campaigns now

  • GaryAkin

    Excellent points you make Katie, advice everyone should heed.

    • Katie Miles

      Thanks, Gary!

  • Ken Beckford

    Thanks for the post, Katie!

    • Katie Miles

      Thanks for stopping by!

  • Sheena Yap Chan

    love the email marketing steps you laid out here. thank u

    • Katie Miles

      Thanks, Sheena

  • Jeff Sherwood

    Great tips Katie! I have been having trouble with keeping some of my messages out of the spam folder and will definitely be using your suggestions to make some improvements.

    • Katie Miles

      Awesome! Glad you found it helpful!