Email Marketing: Secrets to Creating The Perfect Email – Make it Count!

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Online marketing: it’s all about building your subscriber ‘list’/database and getting people into your marketing funnel so you can continue to follow up with them on a regular basis.. building a know-like-trust relationship and keeping your name in front of them.  Email marketing is a very powerful way to continue speaking to the people that raise their hands and tell you “hey, I’m interested in more information.”

If you’re not emailing your list regularly (like once a day), then you’re missing out on a huge pool of potential customers for your product or business.

Email marketing and talking to your ‘list’ is one of THE most important strategies you need to be implementing in your daily routine.  

A few things to remember:

    1. Don’t Spam your list.  If all you’re doing is blasting out email broadcasts promoting promoting and promoting your own stuff all the time, you’re going to quickly see those unsubscribes come through in masses.  So just take it easy and space it out.
    2. Provide VALUE in your emails.  Ton and tons of value!  Email your subscribers your recent blog posts, tips and tricks they would be interested in, or answer questions that help solve their problems.
    3. Think of your niche and who your subscribers are.  What do they want to know more about?  What would help them out?  Why did they subscribe to you in the first place?
    4. Ask them for feedback.  From time to time, reach out with questions asking your subscribers what they would like to see more of.  Do they have certain questions you can answer in a blog post? Would they like to know more about X or Y?
    5. Talk like you would to a friend.  Speak in your own words and talk like you’re being yourself and just talking to a friend.  You want your subscribers to get a feel for who you are, remember your brand, and be able to resonate with you.
    6. Always include a Call To Action (CTA).  Super important here!  You gotta tell your readers what you want them to do…whether it’s click a link to read a blog post, check out a product, or reach out to you on social media..  Whatever it is, don’t forget to include the CTA.

Remember, once you have people subscribing to your list and entering your sales funnel, you need to be leveraging email marketing and continuing to stay in front of them by offering value and mixing in promotional material as well.

If your list sees you as an authority figure that is constantly reaching out and providing value, they will be much more likely to buy something from you.

Here is a great infographic I found from with some more great tips that can help you in creating effective emails for your list:

Enjoy and leave me a comment below if this was helpful for you!

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Happy Emailing!
Katie Miles

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