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What if I told you it was totally possible to be making a significant income online (on the side in your spare time!) just through Instagram?  No paid ads!  

  • Are you a current business owner or entrepreneur looking to expand your reach and grow your current business online?
  • Are you a busy mom looking to make extra income from home?
  • Is time an issue and you need something that works without taking hours and hours to build and see results?
  • Maybe you’ve got something you’re totally passionate about, but wondering how you can monetize on it?
  • Do you currently struggle to find qualified people who want your products or services?
  • Are you overwhelmed and struggling with all the various strategies out there and tired of wasting time trying to be an expert of all of them?

Busy? Full Schedule? Busy working mom or stay-at-home mom? Current entrepreneur or looking for ways to make extra money?  Listen up – this is for YOU.

If you see yourself in any of those situations, then pay close attention, because I am going to show you exactly how to overcome all of that, increase your following and engagement, get more qualified people interested in what you have to offer, and ultimately make some money (good money) online – with a simple Instagram account! — and if you really want to get serious and crank up your efforts on Instagram – how a simple blog will go right along with this and can make you even MORE money on Instagram.

How to market on Instagram

I often hear people talking about how they wish they could do what they love, talk about what they love, and get paid for it.

This is, hands down, one of my fave topics of all.  Why?

Because too many people believe that in order to get paid more, you have to work harder.  And that is so far from the truth.

One of the biggest things that holds people back from their own greatness (and pursing their true passions and purpose in life) is their own belief.

Simple, right?

So I’m going to give you some game-changing information that can really rocket-fuel your success and have you making that ‘smart passive income’ quickly.

How will you figure out what this might look like for you personally, based on your own passions in life? 

Ask yourself what is it that you love to do or talk about.
What are your hobbies?  Do you love to travel?  Talk about football?  Do you love health and fitness?  Interested in puppies or wine tasting?

Whatever it is, you can use that to share yourself with the world and Turn Your Passion into Profit.  That’s the beauty of this!!

  1. Get your mindset right – Believe that you can have everything that you want in your life (including work that you LOVE).
  1. Get busy doing something you no longer call ‘work’.
  1. Learn a few basic principles and apply some ninja strategies I’m going to share with you, and then…

Let’s get you started getting paid (WELL) for sharing about the things you love most.

How can Instagram (and a simple blog) be powerful enough to make $3-10K a month?



Which one of these are you?

  • You have no blog at all but you want to start a meaningful one that you can grow.
    Personal and/or Professional.
  • You already have a blog or brand up and running, but are not confident in, or consistent with it. It needs help.
  • You want to know more how to create worthy valuable content you can monetize.
  • You want to increase your own personal branding.
  • You are human and there are things in life you enjoy, passions you have, and aspirations you’re after.  You want a way to share what you’re passionate about and make money too!

So,  if you’re not using blogging as a marketing tactic, you should be – and here’s why:

1. It helps drive traffic to your website and also serves as a ‘landing space’ for making money online.

Raise your hand if you want more visitors to your website?  Yeah, me too.   Now, what are some of the ways people find your website?

Well you could pay for traffic and place a ton of paid ads (but that can get expensive very quickly and isn’t always the best strategy.  That, and it’s a shot in the dark – can be very expensive and people tend to join people – not businesses.

So paid traffic is a very impersonal way to go about marketing.  Good for some uses, but in building long-term strategies and growing your circle of influence – more engaging social strategies are the way to go – Like with Instagram!

2. It’s your personal investment for your own ‘online real estate’.

Even if you’re building with another company (such as with an MLM or network marketing company) you should still have a blog promoting yourself as an entrepreneur and authority figure in the niche, and not just be promoting their company website. (But that’s a separate branding topic for another day!)

3. You want your own website, your own voice, your own space online to be able to send prospects to. 

Your blog is where you can talk about your passions.  Brand yourself.  Promote your ideas and products.. whatever it is you want.

4. Blogging helps you get discovered via social media.

Every time you write a blog post, you’re creating content that people can share on social networks, which helps expose you and your business to a whole new audience.

5. Blog content also helps keep your social media presence going.

Every time you blog, you’re strengthening your social reach with blog content and driving new website visitors to and from your social channels.  That’s extremely powerful!

6. A blog helps convert traffic into leads. 

Now that you have traffic coming to your website through your blog, you have an opportunity to convert that traffic into leads.

7. A Blog helps you establish AUTHORITY.

This is pretty powerful.  The best blogs solve problems that their target market has. They provide a ton of VALUE.  If you’re consistently creating content that’s helpful for your target audience, it’ll help establish you as an authority in their eyes.

8. Blogging delivers long-term results.

Let’s say you sit down for an hour and write and publish a blog post today. For example you could write a blog post gets you 200 views and 20 leads. You get another 40 views and 5 leads tomorrow as a few more people find it on social media or see it in their inbox via the RSS feed.  But it’s not over.

Days, weeks, months, years later.. that blog post is still ranking in search engines and still getting read and shared on social media. And you can continue to get traffic and leads from that blog post.

blogging for long-term leads ands sales

AND…for our purposes here in marketing on Instagram, having a blog (a.k.a. your own online branded space) is one of THE NUMBER ONE places you should be directing people to when connecting with them on Instagram!  Want to be seen as an authority figure who provides value?  What people to actually listen to you and hang around?  DIRECT THEM TO YOUR BLOG!!!

This is the blogging platform that I currently use.  Everyone has a passion, but you gotta have a good system and the right platform. Both are essential.

Let’s start with the system. Without a good marketing system, no one will ever find your content. You need to market it to the masses to create readers, subscribers, and customers. For more on that, click here.

Now let’s talk about the platform. There are a lot of blogging platforms out there, some better than others. Some free, some not. I’ve used and looked at a lot of them. The one you’re on right now is the one I recommend. For more on that, click here. 

**For a limited time, get the entire blogging system 14-day trial for only $7!**

get access to kalatu premium now

STEP 2:  Monetize On Instagram

Instagram is a POWERFUL social media platform, so don’t underestimate the fact that you can make some pretty good money using it!   And chances are, you’re ALREADY on it, so why not start making some money with it, right?!

Instagram is a social site that has over 250+ million users (and growing!) with over 60+ million daily photo uploads.  Engagement is huge on this social platform.  Over  90% of Instagram is done on the mobile app, making it the most social mobile platform out there!

This is GREAT for those who are busy or trying to build a business ‘on-the-go’!   That was me totally, so that’s why I wanted to perfect my efforts using it and find a way to make money in the spare time that I had.

Instagram is an exceptionally profitable platform for online marketing.  I generate leads and sales from it daily – by following these simple strategies I’ve outlined for you below.

Marketing on Instagram can really enhance the value of your own personal brand (your passions, interests, your business, etc), as it can be used to share valuable information and to connect with other people and businesses at a personal level.

Instagram marketing is much more than just posting a picture.  And it’s not just a place to showcase your products and services either. It’s a powerful way to have a personal and emotional connection with consumers who are interested in your brand or products.  Instagram marketing is to draw the attention and interest of your audience so that they can engage or follow your brand.  You’re building your own brand awareness this way.
  • You can target your audience and give them exactly what they want to see
  • You can utilize specific EASY strategies to get them engaged in your photos
  • You can have your audience inspired to talk about your business and photos

Visual content is more in-demand that ever before; and a visual-based social platform like Instagram can be a great place to brand yourself or your business very easily.  You can showcase your products in a creative way, establish visual brand identity, and create interactive #hashtag campaigns… all of which help you engage with your followers!

Business to have on Instagram

You can get this set up very easily and have something to promote and start making money on Instagram very quickly.


The Secrets to making money on Instagram:
Don’t underestimate the simplicity of these!
They work and make all the difference!

1. Optimize your bio, it’s your business card!

Use a niche keyword in your username/handle as this will be a prominent piece of your profile and make it easier for people to find you.  Either a niche keyword, or another keyword that is recognizable to you, your niche, or your website.  You want to be recognizable to your target audience.

example: @profit_blogging_blueprint

In my profile example below, I have used @KatieMilesLive because this account is branding the following two things: 1- my name, 2- my blog KatieLive.

Getting your profile set up the right way is important to establish your brand and the right message you want to convey.. it’s the foundation of making the money work for you on this social platform.

MONEY MAKER TIP: I find that using the strategy of a ‘line-format’ in the bio works very well.  Easy to read and people will instantly know what you’re about.  See the example below of how I do this in my profile.

Katie Miles Instagram
2. Make your profile public. 

One of your goals is to build a larger following so you have more exposure to your website or business, so keep your profile easy for people to connect with you.

I wrote a post on how you should do this to maximize your efforts right here:
How To Finally Stop Struggling With Instagram and Double Your Following

Add a profile image of YOU, your face!  Stay away from logos and such that are impersonal.  People want to connect with YOU, not a business logo.  A headshot tells people you’re a real person with a real cause.

Your bio is the key place where people are going to get a quick glance at who you are, what you offer, etc..  It’s also the only place where you can put a clickable link, so make good use of it!

MONEY MAKER TIP: Always put a call to action in your profile telling them to click your link – whether it’s to your product website, capture page, or blog… don’t overlook this extremely powerful feature.

3. Define what kind of marketing strategy you want to have / Tell a Story!

On Instagram, this is going to be a visual brand story that’s an extension of YOU, your content from your blog, or website, as well as your brand’s vision.

This post I wrote will tell you how you can get started on the RIGHT marketing strategy and HOW to build engagement and a larger audience.

Your profile and photos should deliver a cohesive message about you and what you’re offering.

4. Posting Photos:

-Use High Resolution Photos:  Nothing grabs attention (or engagement) like eye-catching photos!

Here’s a few apps I love to use for creating great images quickly on Instagram:


-Enlighten Your Posts: Images can be ‘raw’ and that’s fine!  You can also quickly do a little editing by using third-party editing apps to enhance your images before uploading.  But don’t get too caught up on making the absolute perfect image.

Time is money, and we’re trying to do this as little time as possible!  In the end, there are more important things to be concentrating on in your Instagram marketing than on what font to overlay on your photo, or if the image lighting is perfect.

Did you know? :  The filter “Normal” is the most popular, but “Mayfair” sees the most interactions.

-Watermark Your Photos: Overlay text on your photos that promotes your website.  Not something terribly hard to remember or a link that doesn’t make much sense.  But a short link or one with a custom domain works very well.  This will help you brand yourself and will help people remember you– PLUS it’s another way of directing people to your website.  (example below)
The blogging platform I use comes with a link shortener, which makes it really easy to create short, identifiable links!

I am an entrepreneur because life is too short to spend it in a cubicle

How Often Should I Post?  Start by posting at least 1 new photo a day until your following increases, then aim for about 3-4 new posts a week.

- Add a meaningful caption/description when posting to make a greater impact.

BEST PRACTICE! – This works extremely well if you’re doing any type of marketing on Instagram (promoting a product or service, or aiming to get people to click on your link that goes to your website)… Use the following posting schedule to make sure you’re constantly giving value to your audience and not ’spamming’ your followers.

Plus, it keeps you as a real person out there and that’s what is really going to attract people to you and what you have to offer.

This is a KEY MONEY MAKER TIP to remember, as it will do WONDERS for keeping your followers much more receptive as you promote your website and share what you have to offer with them.


Every 6th photo should be a business/call-to-action post ~
the other 5 should be a mixture of value and personal posts. 

5. Find Your Following / Use #Hashtags

Don’t underestimate the power of the hashtag.  They will be your lifeblood!

I can see a real difference when I post a picture and get lazy about hashtags.  Those photos do good, but when I take the time to utilize the right hashtags for my niche, the difference is HUGE!

Check out this picture that has 693 likes to date — just from targeting the right people with hashtags!

You want your content in front of someone who would like what you’re sharing and hashtags are the main vehicle to getting there.

power of hashtags

Searching relevant hashtags will get you to users who are already engaging with similar topics, and have a large following in that niche.  These are the people you want to target.  Just be sure to keep the #hashtags relevant to your brand.

TIP:  Another way to find followers: 
Go to “Find Friends” —> “Suggested Users”

Here I talk about how to find the best hashtags to use on Instagram, how to know which ones to target, what tools, I use, and how to stay organized. 

6. Engage

If you’re serious about leveraging your efforts and promoting your website to the right people on Instagram, then you need to focus on becoming a source of value online – engaging and making connections.

MONEY MAKER TIP: Take time daily to follow other people, leave good comments, and be generous with liking other photos.

MONEY MAKER TIP: Utilize the Direct Message feature on Instagram.  This is a GREAT way to connect personally with someone.  If they leave you a comment on your photo or like a picture, “@tag” them in a comment back, then direct message them on a personal level.

Many good connections and sales have been made this way!

If you want to focus on building your network and attracting a larger following, start doing these things consistently:

  • Contribute to someone else’s hashtag – This is a great way to connect with others on Instagram and to get your images seen by others who may love your style and start to follow you.

  • Interact : Like and comment on images – Don’t just have a one-way mentality when it comes to Instagram, get out there among the feed and comment, and like other people’s images. Truly connecting with others will make them interested in what you are sharing too.  You can definitely increase leads to your website by liking or commenting on other people’s photos. DAILY, you should be taking time to like, comment on, and engage with other people in your niche.

  • RSVP – translation: “Respond Please”. Has someone left a comment for you? Don’t leave it unanswered. Take a moment to let that person know you appreciate the time they took to comment. This will help keep your followers loyal.

  • Be Consistent – Post images regularly, at least 1-2 times a day, and keep to your brand’s visual story and your strategy and people will start to take notice.  The more you post (within reason), the faster you’ll build your community!

  • Be Patient –  It takes time for people to find you, follow you, tell others about you and for your following to increase. Be patient, and be consistent with your strategy, and it will happen!

Instagram is an easy place to be to make money online.  It can boost your profile, dramatically increase your lead generation, and increase engagement with your target audience and customers.  It can increase your visibility and brand value immensely, not to mention drive a lot of leads and traffic to your website!
And what does that mean for you? – SALES!

Make Money with Instagram

Ok, so I’ve given you a lot of information on key things you should be doing if you want to make money using Instagram.  Some may seem overly simple, but trust me – they make a big difference.

Here’s your overview and checklist for making a significant income online (on the side in your spare time!) using Instagram (and a blog if you want to scale up even bigger!)
  •  Whether you have a current business you’re trying to build, or looking for one to be able to make money online–  Instagram is a highly profitable platform to use.
    **If you don’t currently have your own business you’re focusing on building online, here is one that works extremely well with making an income on Instagram.**  CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO
  • Have a blog as your personal place to send followers to (value posts, learn more about you and connect, brand yourself, share your products or business opportunity, etc..)  You can use a blog to brand yourself, send prospects to, and also make extra money from – at the same time you’re leveraging Instagram – so you can scale quicker and make even more money by incorporating both a blog with Instagram.

Instagram is about branding yourself and a blog gives you the POWER to do that!  Get your own personal profit blog right here.

  •  Set up your Instagram profile.
    -Profile picture of YOU
    -Bio about yourself in list format
    -Call to action telling your followers to click your link
    -Link that goes to a capture page (preferably) or website of choice –  (not an email address)
  • Research and gather the #hashtags for your niche
    Tools I recommend HERE
  • Connect with people daily!  Know your target audience and who would be interested in what you have to offer on Instagram.
    -Follow other people in your niche
    -Leave valuable comments
  • Post frequently, remembering to make the majority of your posts VALUE posts, and then personal, and finally a business post (every 6th photo or so).  Don’t be seen as a spammer!  Be seen as one who adds value and attracts people and what you have to offer.
  • Respond to comments by @tagging their username.  Everyone wants to be recognized so don’t be afraid to give someone a shoutout and comment back to them or thank them for taking the time.
  • Use the direct message feature on Instagram to connect personally and let them know how your business could help them.  Personally invite them to connect with you on your blog or another social media site, or offer them a free Ebook or sample of your product.


But wait…. There’s just a FEW MORE THINGS that are TOTALLY NINJA!! 

So ‘ninja cool‘ that I can’t even reveal them here in this post!

…I have a few tried and tested true ‘strategies’  that even some of the biggest marketing gurus out there don’t even know about!
AND the info is EXCLUSIVE to the members of our 8FM Team.
Want to know how I can scale up my income super quick by just spending MINUTES a day on Instagram?!  Yep!  Minutes!!  
I’ve got this down to a pure science.. so if you’re trying to save time but still want more money, what we show you right here when you get access to our PRIVATE GROUP will give you ALL the info you need to scale up bigger and faster in ANY business you have on Instagram.

-Works for any business
-Takes only minutes a day to do!
-Proven over and over to generate countless leads and sales on Instagram.. even for the newbie!

Click below to get access to this super-charged
game-changing information!


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  • Lawrence Tam

    what a fantastic article, i like the tip about your bio being a business card.. .it actually is!

    it’s like when you want to see who is commenting or liking your content you click their name to see their pictures and more importantly to see if they are “real” and check out their bio

    great article

    • Katie Miles

      Thank you Lawrence! Yes, that little bio is such a key factor to making these strategies work… you really have to start there to make it all come together. I know I personally can get a good feel for what someone is about by the quick glance at their IG “business card” :)

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  • william

    Whow!! You go gurl…what VALUABLE information and easy to apply. Thank you so much for your time and energy to in assisting others in their success. Most would charge a nice premium for these nuggets you have blessed us with @ no cost to us. Thanks

    • Katie Miles

      Hi William, Thank you for the nice comments! Glad you found value in it – that’s my goal! I hope you check back for more game-changing information to help you build successfully online! :)