How To Clean Up Your Twitter and Instagram Accounts : Easily Remove Non-Followers

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If you’re trying to build your blog or online business, you know the importance of having a presence on these two prominent social media sites: Twitter and Instagram.

I’m going to show you how you can easily get these accounts cleaned up from non-followers, fake accounts, and those inactive accounts still hanging around.

Both of these social media platforms are excellent to incorporate into your daily marketing strategy if you’re trying to drive blog traffic.   But chances are you have people (and if you have a huge following – maybe a lot more..) of inactive users, and people who aren’t following you back.  There are more than likely some fake accounts in there as well.

I can show you an easy hack to help you clean up these accounts… all from one simple tool.   Crowdfire.

Crowdfire (previously JustUnfollow) helps you clean up your accounts and stay on top of your followers, inactive users, admirers, and people who have unfollowed you.

Here’s a look at this tool from my iphone.   You can either use the web version or the app.  The app is very convenient!

How To Clean Up Your Twitter Account 2

This tool helps me manage what’s happening on my Twitter and Instagram accounts and keeps things clean by allowing me to quickly and easily remove the fake inactive accounts and those who aren’t bothering to follow me back.

Crowdfire Tool

In this example, I can either hit the red circle button to Unfollow, add to a list I’ve created, or whitelist the user so I won’t be asked again to unfollow them.  If there is an influencer in the niche with a pretty large following, I might whitelist them so I don’t accidently unfollow them.

-Crowdfire puts a limit on how many you can follow/unfollow a day on the free version.
-There is also a paid version that will give you higher limits if you want it.
-Instagram is a little different in that they allow so many follows and unfollows per hour, but you can get more options if you upgrade.

Crowdfire is a great little tool to help you clean up your Twitter and Instagram accounts/followers to help remove some of the noise in your feeds and lack of activity.  This can easily be incorporated into your daily action plan!

Here’s a breakdown of the features offered here on Crowdfire:

  • Fans– Your Fans.  People who are following you but you’re not following them back
  • Recent Followers–  Everyone who has recently followed you
  • NonFollowers– Everyone NOT following you back
  • Recent Unfollowers– People who have recently unfollowed you and now you decide if you want to remove or unfollow them
  • Inactive Following (Twitter)– Users who haven’t been active at tweeting
  • Whitelist–  For everyone you don’t want to miss or risk unfollowing by accident
  • Blacklist– Used to mark a certain person on your list to not be suggested to follow them


Use the Copy Followers feature to get plugged into those following your competitors or others in your niche!  This neat little ninja trick can help you gain active, interested followers that are most likely to be in your target market and can grow your account exponentially!

How To Clean Up Your Twitter Account 1

Find a person of influence in your niche.
Add their name into the Copy Followers section.
Hit SEARCH and you’ll get the list of THEIR followers!  *If they are following that influential person, chances are they are a great source to target and follow as well!

I hope this was helpful for you!  Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

To your success,

Katie Miles

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    yess i use that same app it is a great tool to have for both accounts .. great tips as well .

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      My fave hack here is the “Copy Followers” feature… Great way to grow your contacts list and connect with highly targeted people :)