My Secrets to Creating Stunning Images For My Blog and Every Social Media Platform In a Flash!

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Are you spending too much time creating figuring out how to create multiple images optimized for each social media site?

So many social media sites, so little time to spend creating optimized images for each and every one.  We all know the importance of using graphics and visual appeal when posting on our blog; and in addition, each site has its own special dimensions for optimization.

So what’s the best way to manage it all?  How do you get great graphics and spend less time?

I’m going to show you how you can easily create stunning visual content that is optimized for each social media platform and NOT get overwhelmed by the creation process!  Gone are the days of having to be an expert graphic designer and take courses on how to design using tools like Photoshop.  I’ve got you covered right here!

My Secret: (well, not so much a secret, but it’s a tool in my toolbox I wouldn’t be without!!)  :)

Here’s my ultimate favorite go-to image creating tool that can give you professional looking, customizable images, with included templates that will help you design like a pro for social media:  Canva

This online graphic creating tool does a lot!

As a busy mom of 4 little ones, I don’t have hours to spend on getting appealing graphics created, so I leverage the secrets of the tools to carry the heavy lifting!

Let me show you a few of these design secrets:

Stunning Templates

This is just the first section, there’s more if you scroll down.. but templates are neatly categorized and you can find one for just about anything!

If you scroll your mouse over the template you want and hover over it, Canva shows you the exact dimensions of the template.  These are create to fit beautifully exactly where they’re designed for.

So many ideas and possibilities here!


Customize and Create Your Own Template

Need something slightly different than what’s offered?  Canva gives you the option to customize your dimensions based on your needs.

Pretty cool.


Design Heaven

Start designing with endless possibilities.  Choose from Canva’s numerous images, backgrounds, text boxes and designs, layouts, and more.  You can choose any of the free images offered or upgrade to a royalty free image for just $1.

Anything you need to create, you’ll be able to find with Canva’s huge library of images to use.
No need to worry about duplication either, since everything is very customizable.

Change transparency, headings, colors, fonts, sizes, overlays.. you name it!

I love that creating graphics in Canva is so professional yet super easy and quick!

Canva design

Canva designs 2

Ok, now that I’ve shown you some basics, let’s look at how Canva is solving our multi-social-media image creating problem.

There are pretty much 3 main shapes that are great for social media:

Horizontal , Vertical, and Square.

Here’s my Secret…

The 3 templates I use the most to cover all of my social media needs and save time are:

-Blog header graphic: (multiple uses: used for my blog post header images, and then used for Facebook and Twitter (fits nicely in both of these social sites!)  So I’m creating one graphic here and getting 3 solid uses out of it.

-Pinterest template (the Vertical Rectangular graphic)

-Instagram OR Social Media Square graphic:
Use for:  Instagram, Facebook, and also perfect for in-post blog images…  You can even use this one on Twitter, just be sure to keep your text in the middle so it shows up in the Twitterfeed.

Blog Header Graphic (Blog, Facebook, Twitter)

With this one, I create a basic template in Canva with the dimensions 1531 x 796 and then save it and revert back to it for each blog post. Once you create your template, you just insert a picture and then change the title and everything looks consistent.  When people see the consistency in social media, it helps them associate and remember the images and content on your website.

This blog header graphic will become my blog post’s header image and then as I syndicate my content, it fits beautifully in Facebook and Twitter as well.

One creation = three uses.

Square Graphic (in-post blog images, Instagram, and other social media sites)

One of the most time-effective graphic sizes to work with!  This one can pan across multiple sites. You can take a simple square graphic, and use it in your blog post, schedule out on Facebook and Twitter, and it also works well for Instagram, Pinterest and other social media sites.  Super time effective!


“Watermark” your visuals to ensure you are always directing people back to your blog – while also retaining your brand recognition. This would be the website URL of your website, or brand name.

Do you see how Canva’s social media templates can save you tons of time in getting optimized images on each social media site in half the time?!

You don’t have to re-create a custom image for every social platform, just use one or two templates as discussed here and you’re all set!

Would love to know your thoughts, please leave a comment below and share on social if you found this valuable :)

To your success,
Katie Miles

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  • tx14acres

    I love Canva — there are so many free templates and elements, and you can upload your own images to incorporate into your designs. I use it regularly for my blog headlines, InstaGram, FB and Twitter posts and am finding other great ways to use it for ads and other marketing strategies. I’m in the process of creating section headers for my blog also!

    If you know where you want to put your artwork, you can find a template that will have the correct dimensions. Great article Katie!

    • Katie Miles

      One of my favorite things is that I can save the templates from images for future use – this makes creating blog headlines a breeze and saves so much time!

  • Danielle K Howell

    Great post Katie! I absolutely love Canva and use it very often for FB banners, blog posts and everything in between,

    • Katie Miles

      Hi Danielle! Me too! Canva is the number one image tool I use! It’s perfect for so many things