Rapid-Fire Speed Blogging: How to Be More Effective with the Time You Spend Online

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I’ve seen people take up to 2-3 hours on one blog post.  They have great content produced in about 20 minutes, but then they spend hours on unimportant minor things that really don’t matter.  Is this you?!!

Blogging can be an absolute powerhouse way to build your online business; but if you’re not careful, it can be easy to get caught up in messing around with the little unimportant stuff that ends up taking too much time and energy and decreases your productivity and efforts.

While there are many different ways to blog, I’m going to share a specific blogging strategy with you that can help you cut your blogging time down tremendously and boost your efficiency… and ultimately your profitability.

How long does it take you to create a blog post?  STOP stealing precious time away from yourself.

How much time are you spending on the fine fancy details to make each post ‘perfect’ and to a certain ‘standard’?

Blog posts can be simple, effective, AND only take a few minutes.  Really?! Yes! Let’s talk about a specific way you can crank out blog posts like rapid-fire and free up time for the most important part of blogging—promotion!

The goal is to create traffic through compelling content and make it a place where people want to come check you out.  While blogging is a long-term strategy, it’s effective because you can pull in residual traffic and residual leads…and get into a position where your blog is producing $$ well into long-term.

speed blogging

Here are 7 strategies and tips to not only be an EFFECTIVE BLOGGER, but be a master SPEED BLOGGER:

 You don’t have to learn everything.  You don’t have to know it all before you begin.  You just have to take action and do it.


1.  It doesn’t have to be perfect.

Just be genuine and real with a focus on adding value.  Then PUBLISH.Avoid the trap of thinking that the post has to be just a certain ‘perfect’ way.  Just stay focused and keep things simple and minimalistic to get your message across.


2. Forget the Fancy things.

These aren’t going to make you more money.  Save time on things like messing around with image resizing or font styles and colors until you’re quick and have created consistency in your blogging.


3. Time Yourself.

Set an amount of time and when you reach it stop.  Take what you have and wrap it up.  Don’t spend more than one hour blogging a day.
The focus is to convey your message effectively—not in time spent deciding which font to use, where to place an H2 tag or how to get that image sized just perfectly.


4. Focus on IPAs (Income Producing Activities)

Use your time for promoting your stuff, rather than making things perfect.  These small details really don’t make or break a sale.


5. Every blog post doesn’t have to be a book.

Short and sweet is good too!  Text size can be the size of a Twitter update or a Facebook status, placed in between a couple of relevant images, an embedded video, or a block of quote.  As long as your post is providing some sort of value to your audience, it’s a good post and will serve its purpose well.

TIP:You can even copy/paste over your Facebook comments or use text directly from your social posts along with 1 or 2 pictures… Simple stuff.  Just be creative.

6. Always Add a Call-to-Action.

No matter how short or simple your post, always add a call-to-action (CTA) to everything—at least at the end of every post.  It can be as simple as asking them to follow you on your Facebook profile, check out a link to another post, a link to a capture page, or anything else.  At the end, transition your post into giving your reader an action step—tell them what to do next.TIP:have a pre-made banner or image that acts as a CTA that you can upload and hyperlink.  Boom.  Done.


7.  In addition, to the above strategies, you can use a structured outline like this one below to quickly organize your content well. When you’re finished, just go through briefly and give it a few touchups, adding hyperlinks, adding a little SEO, and inserting a few tags, and then promote it to your list and your social media friends and followers.

You should break down your topics into lists or bulleted points to make your post not only more organized but so you can write your posts more quickly.  Example: ‘10 ways to do this…’ or ‘5 reasons why….’

Here’s a sample template for a blog post: 

[Intro Paragraph Here]

  1. 1st Item Here

[Promotional link]

  1. 2nd Item Here

[Promotional link]

  1. 3rd Item Here

[Promotional link]


[Brief summary goes here]
[Call to Action]
speed blogging

An example like this one works very well.  The key is to make all of the numbered items similar and follow a pattern so you can breeze through creating your compelling content very quickly.

  • Intro Paragraph: Grab the readers’ attention. Clearly explain what they are going to learn in the post.  Keep it brief.
  • Your Ordered List:Don’t think too hard about this.  Just break down your topic into an ordered list of some kind, making it easy to read and learn from.
  • Your Pictures:Usually you can just grab these quickly from Google images (non-copyrighted stuff) and just upload.  (If you’re using this blogging platform, all of the images and media are sized to fit perfect automatically so you don’t even have to worry about making any adjustments.)
  • Your Promotional Links: When you’re finished with your post, go back and throw a few ‘bonus links’ in the post.
  • Your Summary:Summarize the takeaway from your blog post and bring closure to it.  Keep this section short and straight to the point.
  • Your Call To Action:This is the most important part of your blog post!  Have a specific intention you want your readers to do next.


speed blogging

Use these Speed Blogging tips to quickly pull out great content while still getting great results in Google and in Social Media. You’ll save yourself a lot of time and headache… your online business will thank you for it!

Every once in a while, take more time and focus on the details and write up a big story, but the key to building a business blogging is to think ‘rapid-fire’!

You still want your posts to be good, but set limits for yourself.  Blogging in itself is not where the money is made, it’s in the syndicating and sharing where your blog comes to life.  Remember, most of your time should be spent on marketing your blog and the content you have to offer—Income Producing Activities.  So create compelling content FAST.

Stay focused and keep things simple to get your message across.  Speed Blogging is where it’s at!!

The viral blogging system that I use helps me create more trafficcapture more leads and convert more sales in record time!  This blogging system is so powerful anyone (beginner or experienced marketer) can have success using it to make more money online.  I love this platform because all of the stuff that can take too much time away from the important parts of blogging are already taken care of automatically:

  • Built-in SEO
  • The ability to add pictures and media from a smartphone or other mobile device
  • Blogging literally only takes about 5 minutes to write a post and publish
  • All the pain of the ‘techie-stuff’ removed so you can use that time to focus on just creating a compelling post
  • So much more!

This viral blogging platform is easier and quicker to set up than a Facebook profile, is fully optimized, high impact – low maintenance marketing blog that allows me to manage everything from one back office both from my mobile device and from my laptop..

So not only can I SPEED BLOG, but I can do it anywhere, whether I have my computer or not, making my life and business more FUN, more SIMPLE, and much more PROFITABLE.

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Katie Miles

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