Save Time on Social Media by Scheduling Your Content

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A key question I get from a lot of my followers is “how can I save time on social media?”   As we all know, time spent on social media can be pretty time consuming and if you’re not careful, can be really distracting –which ends up leaving you less time to be profitable and efficient.

Now, I’m not saying we shouldn’t be engaging and spend quality time as a real person on our social media profiles.. BUT you can always leverage your efforts to get more done and it’s OK to save time by scheduling content as well.

A solid social media plan involves having a system you can follow to help you stay on top of updates and stay engaged– so you’re getting the best of both, right?

So many social media channels. So little time.  But you still need to take time to listen to and engage with your audience.  Here’s how:

My best tip for doing so is to schedule your posts and to work in batches.

There are so many different social media platforms. You can and should post the same content on each platform, but it takes a long time! Plus, the content needs to be customized for each platform…

You could go to each site, one-by-one and post each update, pulling away from what you may be currently doing in order to post at the best time — a double whammy on your time and productivity!

Scheduling is the secret weapon for consistent, excellent sharing, day after day.

I personally use the Buffer tool, which allows me to create all the content updates that I want to, all at once, and then I can either send it out right then, or send it to a queue to be sent whenever I schedule it for.

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Love the scheduling option.  Let the tools do the heavy lifting and schedule content in advance so your queue is always ready to send out content.

Save Time on Social Media by Scheduling Your Content - Buffer 2

See the post I did:  Social Media Strategy: When and What Should You Be Posting and How Often?  for some best practices for timing and frequency.  I share a sample schedule as well.

One thing that goes hand-in-hand with scheduling is engagement – jumping into the social media channel directly to interact and share with the audience.

Engagement is a great balance for automation.

When people talk to you, talk back. Set aside time during your day to followup with conversations that are happening on social media. These are conversations with potential customers, references, friends, and colleagues. They are very important and vital to your online presence and brand.

Here’s a great way to stay up on all the conversations that are happening around you is to create a system for listening. Tools like  Mention will send you an alert every time you’re mentioned online.

Buffer is a really easy tool to use.  But don’t let its simplicity fool you.  It’s a powerful tool for any social media strategy and another great thing I love about it, is that it works great mobile as well.  You can download the mobile app so you don’t skip a beat and can upload and schedule content anytime.

These are simple but proven tips that will help you be more effective and more efficient in building your social media strategy.

Now go rock your social media strategy. :)

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Katie Miles

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  • Xarah Dax

    Katie, I love Buffer, I’ve been using it for a while. Automate content but we can’t automate everything, I like how you mention that we should talk back to people when they talk to use. I have to check out “mention”. Thanks for sharing this!