Your Simple Non-Techie Guide to SEO For Your Blog

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So, it’s time to clear some clutter on SEO for bloggers.  I have a great article to share with you today from

This post will give you the 10 things that over time will make the greatest difference for your blog’s search engine optimization and will strip away the over-complicated ‘techie-stuff’ so you can understand and apply the principles without having to worry about search engine bots or creepy crawly spiders.

I found Regina’s post to explain things in terms that are easy to understand, she gives actionable steps to follow, and breaks it down on how SEO on your blog is actually related to human interaction.   While SEO is important, your readers are still human and – hello – we all still like simple instructions, visual images and media, organized and well-written content, and stuff that actually addresses real concerns and questions.

If you want your blog to get noticed by the search engines (AND keep your readers interested and coming back for more), you need to be following these 10 core concepts on your blog:

  1. Write good content – be careful of grammar and keep your content flowing logically.
  2. Include multimedia – pictures. Think: Visual! We all love it – so goes Google.
  3. Use keywords that are relevant and make sense – this is how you get found! Keep your keywords relevant and in the exact long-tail phrases people are actually searching for.
  4. Encourage engagement with your content – keep your blog easy to use with great content and images. Your readers will love and thus the search engines will love you.
  5. Get links to your blog – build your blog with backlinks from other blogs and guest writers.
  6. Have a blog title that actually makes sense – title your posts with keywords that actually tell your readers what it’s about and what they can expect. More great SEO juice from the search engines.
  7. Be sure your content is long enough to address a need and say what you want to say – give your readers something to value. Take time to format properly and address concerns and answer questions they might be having.
  8. Post frequently – build your content vault while building trust with your readers. Stay consistent.
  9. Include formatting that organizes your content – all that formatting! Now it’s time to add those keywords and phrases into your heading for extra SEO ranking love!
  10. Write about what’s popular and trending on social media – make content and images that are easy to share on social media sites. Search engines LOVE shared content and it really helps your rankings.

You can get all of the nitty-gritty juicy details here on Regina’s post:  SEO For Bloggers: The Non-Techie Guide, where it’s broken down for you.

These 10 items above are the first starting points to beginning your search engine optimization strategy.

Speed is important because people are impatient, pictures are important because people like visuals, etc.

With every decision you make for your blog, ask not what search engines would like, but what actual humans would like.

Any thoughts or opinions?  I would love to hear them!

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Katie Miles

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  • juanita simpson

    awesome tips yes seo is very important

    • Katie Miles

      Thanks, Juanita!